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Heatherton Park Early 70s

The building was once an agricultural shed, storing silage and housing dairy cattle.

Cattle Shed 2007

View of the barn when it was first bought at auction.

Vertical steel posts on ground floor are still evident today.

The form and profile of the building has retained its original design.

Before-Shot of Room 3

A slightly less tidy Room 3 before construction work began.

Recycling the Old Structure

Although the asbestos sheeting has gone you can still see the old details from inside the first floor flat.

Steel frame of the Barn

Corrugated asbestos cladding and some block work have been removed leaving the skeletal frame on show for re-cladding. These block work walls still remain in situ.

Construction of First Floor

New concrete floor structure and first floor level is inserted within steel frame.

Floating Concrete Floor

The new first floor is built up of metal decks, finished with a polished concrete floor. The metal form-work is left exposed and visible from the ground floor.


The new building has ground source heat pump in the adjacent field, under floor heating throughout, rainwater recycling, centralized mechanical ventilation, highly thermal efficient fabric & triple-glazed windows.

Laying Concrete Floor Above

First floor supported for pouring concrete floor above. The steel framed openings can still be seen in the front of the building.


New concrete stairs and partitions being built within existing steel framework

The New Building

The new building has retained much of its original material with minimal construction buildup to form the new building envelope.